Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers

Kiev, Spaska str, 31-Б, оf. 301
Tel (044) 425-58-21
Fax (044) 425-58-21

The Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers (UAPP) is a leading voluntarily non-government and non-profit association of publishers – as periodic press (newspapers and magazines), so as internet information resources.

UAPP was founded in 2001, and at January 01, 2010 unites 98 members – press and internet publishers from all over Ukraine: 51 regional and 47 all-Ukrainian publishing companies (based inKiev).

UAPP members together publish more than 350 different titles with different periodicity – from daily to quarterly and even annually. UAPP members combined average weekly circulation exceeds 15 million copies.

UAPP mission is to protect and to represent the interests of all publishers, to lead the industry’s development into a competitive, investment attractive business with professional management, high editorial standards and economic independence of all market players – to provide important conditions for political independence and to guarantee the Freedom of the Press in Ukraine.