South East and Central Europe PR Organisation

Tel +49 40 7880 59 45

SECEPRO is an independent, non-profit network for media experts and PR professionals in South, East and Central Europe. SECEPRO was founded in cooperation with the Vienna-based South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO)

As the only PR platform in the region, SECEPRO aims to facilitate the collaboration among PR experts and managers in South, East and Central Europe on one hand and journalists, media, web, communications, advertising and general marketing agencies on the other hand. SECEPRO provides a unique access for PR agencies to the SEE network of press and media specialist organised in SEEMO. By joining SECEPRO you instantly access the power and experience of professional public relations cooperation and services. The multi-cultural and multi-lingual members of SEEMO can become virtually a part of your PR activities. That means, that SECEPRO is able to provide PR support any time, any where, in South East and Central Europe

SECEPRO is the organiser of the PR-EXPO – the annual meeting of PR experts in the region.